Club-Clean Will be at The Heroes National Celebrity Golf Day

    As keen supporters of the Help for Heroes charity, golf club valet service Club-Clean will be in attendance at this year's Heroes National Celebrity Golf Day.

    Take advantage of Club-Clean's 'digital ultrasonic' golf club valet service to get your clubs sparkling clean. The ultrasonic technology cleans your clubs and restores grip tackiness in minutes.

    "Clean golf clubs produce better ball flight with more backspin which in turn generates lift and more control, essential around the green. Its not just all about clean grooves, many golfers neglect to clean their grips."

    Andrew Murray

    Club-Clean have been cleaning golf clubs at corporate golf events since late 2006; using the very best technology to clean a full set of golf clubs in minutes. Club-Clean has always received excellent feedback from golfers, from golf clubs and from corporate clients and their customers.

    How it Works
    The British made Club-Clean equipment contains water which has been treated with a special solution of water-softening, anti-rust, disinfecting and bonding agents. This water is then heated to around 36 degrees and that's when the magic happens.

    Ultrasonic transducers in the machine vibrate at 60,000 cycles/second. This movement is transmitted through the water in sound waves, causing tiny bubbles to form on the club and grip. The bubbles then implode, during a process called cavitation, which blasts the dirt off your equipment. Simple!

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